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Based out of Mobile, Alabama, we provide all of our services along the Gulf Coast.

Who Am I ?!

JD, E-RYT 200

Before I was introduced to yoga, when I was practicing law in Washington DC, and my life seemed completely out of control, I had a doctor tell me I needed to learn to manage my stress. I said I'd just have to smoke and drink more.  Alas, that didn't actually work! 

I came to yoga somewhat accidentally because I thought it would be an easy mid-week work-out to complement my fitness routine at the gym.  Over time, as my yoga practice deepened, and I added meditation into my practice, I discovered that through yoga and meditation, I could not only stay physically fit, but more importantly, I could manage my stress, and the inner peace that had eluded me my entire life was within reach.  

After practicing yoga for about 5 years, I went to Rishikesh, India, "yoga capital of the world," where I earned my Yoga Alliance registered 200 hour teaching certification.  One of my teachers there told me that I needed to teach in order to find and hold onto my own inner guru.  We all have a guru inside. Yoga is about uniting ourselves with ourselves, uniting the "me" I think I am with the real "me", the one who is infinite love and peace, the one who is balanced and centered and lives in harmony with all other living beings.  I practice yoga to stay connected to my own heart, and I teach yoga in hopes of helping others connect with their own hearts. 

After multiple failed attempts at becoming a vegetarian, in 2006, I decided to become a vegan for ethical reasons. As a lifelong animal lover, I finally came to the realization that I was denying my own heart and compassion by consuming the products of animals who had led miserable, brutal lives.  In order to make sure that malnutrition wouldn't sabatoge my intention to adopt a plant-based diet, I started reading up on nutrition and discovered that a plant-based diet can be the healthiest diet on the planet if properly planned. I read everything I could and completely transformed my eating habits, and went on to obtain my AFPA Certification as a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. 

Through yoga, I have learned to listen to my heart and my body. I have learned that happiness comes from uniting body, mind, and spirit, through uniting thought, word, and action, through living an authentic life that respects the planet and all her inhabitants. Shanti Warrior is my vision of wellness, my attempt to be, as Ghandi said "the change [I] want to see in the world."

Om shanti shanti shanti. Om peace peace peace.