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Lotus of the Heart: Living Yoga for Personal Wellness and Global Survival by Tracey Winter Glover
Interweaving sacred traditions with modern nutritional and environmental science, Lotus of the Heart is a guidebook for living well in today’s challenging world. Arguing that what we do to others, we do to the planet and ourselves, Tracey Glover shows us how to release ourselves from the illusion of separation and see how we are truly connected in myriad ways―to our neighbors, our families, people who harvest the food on our plates, nonhuman animals, the environment, and life in its entirety. We learn the teachings and tools that yoga and other traditions offer us to return to our own most authentic selves, and find deep peace, health, and fullness for ourselves and all life. Lotus of the Heart is a call to see the truth of our interconnectedness and a manual for living in harmony with this essential wisdom. 

***Vegan Yoga/Meditation Retreat in the Brazilian Amazon with Tracey, November 2017. Click here for Details! *** 

Pure Vegan Home Meal Delivery


Delivery Menu for Monday, May 1st

Split pea soup

Spinach salad with tofu ricotta, dried cherries, sautéed mushrooms, and walnut-herb vinaigrette

Israeli couscous summer pilaf

Lentil and sweet potato shepherd’s pie

Roasted vegetable moussaka

Chocolate chip oatmeal craisin cookies




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