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The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word  yuj which means to bind, join, attach, and yoke. It also means union. Yoga is the union of so many things, including the union of ourselves with ourselves, and with all living beings.  

Classes are based on the eight-limbs (ashtanga) of yoga described in Patanjali's sutras.  These include yama and niyama (moral and ethical rules); asanas (physical postures); pranayama (controlled, conscious breathing), as well as various stages of one-pointed concentration and meditation.  Most classes begin with a short meditation, followed by a vinyasa or flow of asanas, during which we will remain conscious of the breath as we still our minds and look inward. We may also practice pranayama or mantra chanting, and all classes conclude with a relaxing savasana.

Classes are tailored to the individuals in class and always include variations for advanced students to absolute beginners. All yoga classes can be as gentle or as challenging as you'd like. 

We practice to increase strength, flexibility, and balance, while quieting the mind and re-connecting, reuniting, with the light that shines within us and connects us to all living beings. 

Please see calendar  for scheduled group yoga classes and costs. Private yoga and meditation classes also available by appointment. Cost: $75/hr for private lesson. Small group lessons available for groups of 2-5 at the same cost. Private corporate classes in your own office also available. Please inquire. 

For additional information, or to book a private lesson, please inquire at

Hope to see you in class! Om shanti shanti shanti.